Help - Registering a New Junior Member

NOTE: Please ensure that you have received confirmation that a space is available within the appropriate junior age group before registering a junior member, as numbers are limited.  For confirmation that a place is available, please email providing your son/daughter's name, school year or date of birth and a brief description of any previous cricket experience they have.  This will enable us to confirm whether there is space within the appropriate junior age group.

All under 18s must be registered via a parent/guardian member; if you have not previously registered with the club you will first need to register yourself as either a playing member (if you intend to play for one of our senior sides yourself) or as a non-playing member (if only your son/daughter will be playing).

Please see Registering as a New Member for details on how to register yourself as a member which will then allow you to add junior members.


To register a junior member, firstly log into the members' area using your email and password.

You can add a new junior member by using the  'Add New Junior' button in the 'Manage Juniors' section, which displays a form which where the junior's personal and contact details can be entered.  For older juniors it is possible to enter their email and mobile number to allow them to receive emails and match notifications in addition to you.

You will need to provide the contact details of either one or two parents/guardians and emergency contact details. Please note: the Emergency Contact must be different to Parent/Guardian 1.

After all required details are completed you will need to 'Sign' the form before Saving.

The junior will now be displayed in the 'Manage Juniors' section.

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