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A full senior playing membership entitles you to play for one of our four Saturday league and two Sunday friendly teams.  With games weekly throughout the Summer as well as the opportunity of playing touring sides in the Spring, our membership offers you great value for money especially if you pay pre-season!  The fee includes outdoor training and use of the nets outside of training.  Our membership fees are essential to the operation of the club, contributing majorly to the running costs and whatever level of membership is best for you - we truly appreciate the support.

Social Members

Every club needs to have supporters and Sonning Cricket Club are no different.  There is nothing better than having a loyal band of followers that stick by you through thick and thin…..of course, that is generally whilst socialising on the boundary and the odd libation to quench the thirst – not forgetting the valued opinions.

Social members at Sonning can benefit from being able to play up to 3 games of cricket a season.  This may be more suitable to those that work away, work shifts, just cannot envisage the commitment to every week or those that are positive they are hanging their spikes up but may be tempted into that ‘one last time’.  Social membership offers that bit more flexibility for the infrequent flyer.

As a club we have events that a Social member would of course be invited along to as well as having the opportunity of attending other events within the cricket world, outside of the club.  We don’t actually mind if you never want to play cricket again and it goes without saying that a club relying mainly on sponsorship, are grateful for any financial contribution and the Social membership is a great way of helping the club.

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