Help - Registering as a New Member

Please note, all under 18s must be registered via a parent/guardian member.  If you are under 18 or a parent/guardian looking to registering a junior member, please see details on how to register as a Junior Member.

To register as a senior member you will need to complete the online registration form which will allow you to gain access to the members' area of the site.

If you are registering as a playing member of the Club, please make sure that 'Playing member' is selected and that your preferred notification options have been selected.  If you do not wish to be considered for senior selection or are registering solely to register an associated junior member, then leave 'Playing member' unselected.

Once you have registered your details you will be able to Log In to the members' area.

After logging in your profile will be displayed.  This page can be accessed directly by choosing 'My Account' | 'Details' from the menu.

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