Women's Player of the Year

The Stingers wrapped up the season with a meal at La Fontana to celebrate a great Summer of cricket.

La Fontana provided the ideal venue with us taking over a section of the restaurant and we enjoyed Italian fare and a few drinks with much chatter and laughter resounding through the restaurant…the regular patrons didn’t seem to mind either.  Big thanks to everyone there.

The Stingers – Women and U11s – have to thank Gary Phillips and Simple Recruitment for their sponsorship – it has enabled us to concentrate on the development of the newest squads for Sonning and we are all extremely appreciative.

More thanks go to Alexander, Michael and often Connor (hey there in SA) who coached us weekly on a Tuesday evening – come rain, sun or the driving snow we had.   Gary again has been a familiar face, as has Lils, Andrew, Dan and Will.  All of these guys have bought their senior game experience into our sessions and we hope they will continue.  It has been great to have their support on the boundary too – even the helpful tips during a game are mostly appreciated ?

As well as a get together, the evening was ultimately to round up the season and present the Lady Valerie trophy presented by sons David and Gary.  This is a massive milestone for the club – the first female player of the year, recognised with an award that we expect to be around for many years to come.  Lady Valerie was a woman who adored her cricket!  She loved the fact that Grace joined Charley and Ella playing at King Georges Field.  Next time you are in the clubhouse, take a tour of the photos and the honours boards and you will see how the Phillips family have dedicated much to Sonning and Valerie was right behind them all.  Lady V will be so proud of the Stingers and it is fitting that her name is synonymous with women’s cricket at Sonning.

Last year we had a number of small awards and whether it be one award or many – it is still an almost impossible task to select a recipient with so many deserving of recognition for their achievements.  So, this year it was decided one special award, with one special trophy and voted for by fellow players.  This is an award that takes into consideration not just the stats of runs and wickets but much more.  The runner up is my go-to opener - batting and bowling and with salmon like leaps in the field, this player has athleticism most of us can only dream of.  A great cricketing brain and so easily capable of playing at a higher level, Frances Howson is a worthy runner up.

I don’t think many would be surprised to learn who the Player of the year is.  Tirelessly smiling, always positive, a voice of reason (thank you) and extremely patient, supportive and engaging with all team mates – Melissa Pengraeve is our player of the year.  Mel stepped into the VC role and has Captained a few games with confidence and enthusiasm.  Leading by example – a great bat – achieving a flurry of boundaries as well as taking strong wickets – Mel is a fantastic player and team mate!  She also brings along Sim – who is our super sub and Jak, our mascot and refreshment seller.  Well done Mel – you are awesome!

Today saw us play our first game in the Indoor Winter Softball league – a convincing win demonstrating that whatever format - stick a bat or ball in our hand, we will try our best, have fun and produce results. 

Winter training starts 4th November – Indoors at Waingels College in Woodley and we would welcome more players to come along and give this format of cricket a try.  We will be looking to moving outdoors after Easter and the various leagues start thereafter.  Please contact Sharon or pass details on to anyone who may be interested – email [email protected]

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