The Sonning Stingers Season

The Sonning Stingers Season

You could not be part of Sonning Cricket club this season without realising we have well and truly taken the positive steps into female Cricket.  With our women in their 2nd proper season and U11 Girls, in their first season – it is fair to say we are on our way to being part of this growing sport.

Consulting with the Berkshire Cricket Foundation (BCF), we decided to introduce a Year 4 to 6 softball cricket team – an entry level into the sport – inclusive and fun!  A success with great achievements by all the girls, each and every one of them increasing their skills levels, growing in confidence and becoming a team.  Weather and availability hampered us but our girls enjoyed every single minute they played – either at a tournament or at training session and if anyone works for Marks and Spencer’s and can find out about Percy Pig sponsorship – please get in touch.

The women dipped their toes briefly into hardball but only managed 1 game – training, preparation and ability to play the scheduled matches was effected by lockdown and the very early start to the Super 8s season saw us fall foul to the wet weather however the game we played against local rivals Wargrave, showed why we are successful – determination and willingness to give it a go and take the most enjoyment out of a situation, saw us lose by 57 runs but still taking 4 wickets against a much more experienced hardball side – we were chuffed!

The softball was more successful although the weather created so many challenges for us and once the world opened up, availability was also an issue – even borrowing from opposition when needed.  We came top of the West Berkshire Softball league putting us in to the Berkshire final at Windsor held 2 weeks ago.  Let’s put our performance down to nerves in the first game – which alas, cost us the win but we were most definitely worthy runners up!  Rarely do you score more than 300 in a game of women’s softball – we did it twice!  Given this was the first year of ‘league’ cricket – we did good!

All of the above cannot happen without support – in the form of coaches, ground staff, parents and our sponsor – Simple Recruitment Services.  We welcome anyone that feels they can offer support in an administration or perhaps a coaching capacity (training available and all you need is enthusiasm).

Female cricket is growing in popularity across the region, the country and the world and we would like to welcome any girl or woman to get in touch and find out what we have to offer.  Whilst we like to be in a competition, Sonning want our ladies – young and not so young – to have fun and feel they can participate whatever their experience or ability level is.  Be part of this growing sport and get in touch.

We have not finished with our news.  We lost a dear and true Lady late last year and her support of cricket and excitement of the women starting a team, has led her son and our Chairman, Gary Phillips, to create the Lady Valerie trophy in her honour which will be presented to the female (Stingers) player of the year on 15th October – so watch this space!


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