Here come the Girls.....


Braving the artic conditions - Sonning welcomed their first girls softball cricket team - Eleven U11s braved the gusty winds and snow and Icelandic conditions to have their first taste of Softball cricket at Sonning.  An engaging and sporty bunch, fun was had and we hope, all with return with friends on 20th April.

Under the tutelage of two of our Junior Senior players - Alexander and Michael - the Women's softball sessions begin!  10 determined and enthusiastic ladies enjoyed some warm up and net work whilst (as can be seen in the photos), rubbing the snow out of their eyes.  Let's remember it is April :)

Check out the Snow!

Another first for the future is the foray into hardball cricket - entering the HCWCL Super 8s development's all very exciting and very promising.  The future is bright at Sonning Cricket Club - Stingers Yellow bright!  As always - we will welcome females of all abilities and experience levels - why not come along and have some fun.  

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