Sonning Stingers Successful Second Session

What a session!

Building on the success of our 1st official taster session, we saw 21 ladies attend this second session for the Ladies Softball Cricket team.

Given that last week we had 5 cricket ...novices, this week we welcomed another 10 ladies and at least half of them were new to the game - one lady coming to join a friend not knowing what the session was for :)

With the return from her holidays, sporting a wicked tan, Community Coach Verity and our very own Matt Oxley used their experience and coaching skills to divide us into two groups and put us to work!

A warm up of a form of netball which made the most of the whole hall led us nicely into two sessions - one of bowling run by Matt.  A competitive game where you 'won' cones, this is obviously the way to motivate the group.  The other half of the hall seeing the ladies walloping balls from batting tees across the room.  The session finished with us being divided into 4 teams and playing two games.  The one thing we know going forward - we are not short on the will to win! 

There is a session pencilled in for Thursday 20th February and we welcome anyone that wishes to come along and give the game a try.  We will be entering a league and likely fielding two teams!  If you would like to find out more - please WhatsApp / Text Sharon on 07831-238784



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