Berkshire CCC

Each year Berkshire CCC hold trials for youth cricketers which can lead to them playing representative cricket for Berkshire.  At the end of the junior season our age group coaches, in conjunction with our head coach Andrew Niblett, will identify the players they believe are ready and able to play at this level taking into account the criteria set by Berkshire CCC.  Following the recommendations of the coaches the Club will nominate a number of players to take part in either trials or a development programme, depending on the age group.  The nominations have to include a reason as to why the player in question meets the Berkshire CCC nomination criteria.  These selections are made with great care.  All players develop at different rates and exposing a child to a level that we don’t feel they are currently able to compete confidently at, may ultimately be detrimental to their cricket. 


Selection* of the boys that will eventually make up the Berkshire County and Development U10, U11 & U12 Squads is through a pre-Christmas development programme.  Selection for U13s and above usually takes place via a one-day trial in late August/early September.


Selection* for the girls squads that will eventually make up the U11, U13, U15 & U17 County and Development teams is through a pre-Christmas development programme.

*This information is based on the current process and is subject to any changes Berkshire CCC may make for next season.

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